Monday 3 February 2014

Supertramp and My Favourite Songs

About a year ago, I tweeted that my favourite band was Scouting For Girls (it was a trending hashtag) to which my dad furiously responded, "What about Supertramp?!?!" or something like that. I don't really remember. Since then, however, when we aren't discussing United (a topic we avoid more and more...), our conversation revolves around Supertramp and, more broadly, our favourite songs. We don't really agree so I decided to occupy myself by writing a blog post about my 5 favourite songs and also my top five Supertramp songs to put an end to the constant back and forth, starting with the latter:

1. Downstream (

There is no surprise that the only song I have listened to more often on my shuffle is Father and Son (more on that later). On many occasions I have sent my dad a message indicating that I am sticking my neck out and saying this is simply Supertramp's best song. It's such a simple tune and I love the lyrics. It's rare that you find a song that you think is genuinely too short, but this is one of them. As is...

2. Ever Open Door (

My dad and I usually resort to assigning at least Ever Open Door and Downstream as equal first but if I had to choose, I am pretty sure this is the way I would go. Having said that, I will probably change my mind next time I hear Ever Open Door, such is the quality of the song. Another one of Supertramp's songs that leaves me wanting it to carry on when it's over, the way it builds up to the finish is superb.

3. Free as a Bird (

This song just makes me happy. It has an upbeat tune and I always find myself dancing around when it comes on my shuffle. It will always associate it with the Spring and blue skies, rather than the depressing darkness, rain and cold weather we are enduring at the moment. I cannot help but smile when I hear it, and I like songs that make me smile!

4. Where There's a Will (

This is where it gets tricky. I begin to realise how many fantastic songs I am going to have to leave out if I want to keep this to a top five. When I first heard it, I actively disliked the song but my dad implored me to give it a few listens and I was duly converted. In a song with very simple music, the lyrics have to stand out and that is exactly the case here.

5. From Now On (

Maybe this is because it just came on my shuffle as I finished deciding that Where There's a Will was number 4, but this is another great song, worthy of a place in the top five. As are at least 10 others. I like the change in this song, it is almost two songs in one, and I think that is what ultimately ensures it pips the others.

My five favourite songs is, actually, an easier choice:

1. Once When I Was Little (

I once met James Morrison in an airport lounge. My mum made my sister go a shade of red usually associated with tomatoes when she insisted on taking a photo of the two together. Whenever I hear this song I am reminded of a trip to America when we listened to this album almost non-stop in the car and it brings back so many good memories. I find the lyrics really meaningful and the way it builds up throughout before ending as softly as it begins is my favourite thing about it. All in all a beautiful song that I loved from the moment I heard it.

2. Father and Son (

When I was in Year 6 at school, my class did an assembly on our favourite songs and I picked this one. I used to listen to it with my dad and we'd sing along together, so it was an easy choice. I will always remember holding back tears as I read out what the lyrics "If they were right, I'd agree, but it's them they know, not me" meant to me and my interpretation of them. I can still remember looking directly into the eyes of a kid called Zac in year 3 who I played football with at break time and have him smile back at me (yes yes, I spent my break time playing football with people 3 years below me. Get over it!) Since then it has had a really special meaning to me, it's my go to song when I am upset and I've listened to it over 1000 times in the past year on iTunes alone. I happen to think Once When I Was Little is a better song, but this will always have more meaning and memories.

3 and 4 are Downstream and Ever Open Door

5. Make This One Last (

This is another song whose lyrics I find especially meaningful. A theme you may have noticed is that all 4 of my favourite songs so far are relatively soft songs, and this one is no exception. I just think it is a beautiful song that I have related to ever since I first heard it, the last time I was in Israel in 2012. It also never makes me cry, ever.

There are plenty of songs that have snuck into my top five on occasion, but that's the five I always return to. I will always find it amazing how you can listen to the same song over and over again, but I guess that's the way with certain songs.

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