Sunday 13 April 2014

Miliband and Zionism

I've never been the biggest Ed Miliband fan, though that's probably mainly because after exams last year Warwick Labour assigned me the title of 'Fed Miliband' or the Milibands' older, fatter brother. The Ed Miliband comparisons have been frequent since. However, whether or not I look like the man has finally become utterly irrelevant - I, at least, have the strength of will to stand up for my beliefs and opinions. For better or worse, I am not afraid to post a controversial blog, to defend Israel's right to exist on twitter and call myself a Zionist. Ed Miliband, it seems, does not share such strength - as my friend Jordan highlights eloquently here.

I, however, would go one further. I would argue that Miliband's refusal to self-define as a Zionist is all the more reason to ensure this man never leads our country. This has absolutely nothing to do with believing in Israel's right to exist or being pro-Israel (though I would also argue believing in Israel's destruction would also be reason for non-election!) No, this is to do with integrity, strength of character and the ability to stand up for one's beliefs. Miliband lacks all three in alarming measure. There is no denying that for Miliband to do so would have political consequences because of the stigma attached to the word (as Jordan highlights) but that is all the more reason to be ashamed of Miliband for not coming out and defending his views unequivocally. To be scared of defending your views and the implications of them renders holding them worthless and hollow. 

Ed Miliband is a Zionist. That members of his party and the public would not accept that is no reflection on Miliband. It is a reflection on the ignorance and anti-Semitism that exists in across all three major parties and in Britain. However, that anti-Semitism will continue to exist for as long as our leaders are scared to stand up to it, more concerned with political capital and their political careers than standing up for what is right. This is another example of a spineless politician whose views are not worth the paper they are written on. It would have taken real strength of character and conviction in what one believes for Miliband to have said he was a Zionist. That he lacks that demonstrates why he is unfit to lead this country, just like the majority of politicians we are 'blessed' with. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is the fools and idiots who are so full of confidence. George Galloway is a perfect example of this. The man is anti-Semitic, generally odious and a poor excuse for a human being but he is never afraid to stand up for his beliefs. He never shies away from defending what he believes in and regardless of that belief, that is to be admired. The pro-Israel camp could do with someone of his charisma arguing for our cause. That that is undeniably true demonstrates all that is wrong with British Politics today. Unfortunately, we have the Ed Milibands of this world on our side - the cowards who are afraid to stand up for their causes. Frankly, he may as well be an anti-Zionist. His refusal to self-identify as one suggests that the belief in Jewish self-determination is somehow something to be ashamed of. Or at least something he is ashamed of. I don't want him on my side if that's what he thinks. I certainly don't want him living in Number 10 with such a cowardly attitude. 

I am a Zionist and proud. Come on Ed, overcome that politician instinct so ingrained within you. Stand up for your beliefs, no matter how controversial they may be. Otherwise you're just another weak, spineless politician not fit to run a bath, let alone a country. 

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