Wednesday 13 June 2012

You're Doing It Wrong Grammar Nazis.

You\'re Doing It Wrong Grammar Nazis. Here Is Steven Fry Doing It RightAnother ace clip selected by Sabotage Times to distract you:

I recently blogged about "typo's"  where I tried to explain why I can't stand these people who insist on correcting my, admittedly poor, use of language. In fact, so poor is my use of language that in all my attempts to make all of the mistakes that so infuriates those who Mr Fry speaks about so eloquently in the link above, I am not sure I managed to succeed. Of course, the bright amongst you may have noticed that it should be "whom"...or should it? Not only am I not really sure but it doesn't make a difference and, indeed, that is exactly the point. I suspect the majority of the few people who will read this won't have noticed at all had I not pointed it out to them, while those who did may have questioned whether I used the correct word rather than actually being sure that I didn't. The few who know whether it is "whom" or "who" in this case will probably delight in telling me, but frankly #LeaveItYeah?